Ultrasonic Velo-clean......... 100chf 

The ultrasonic clean is our Top Level Clean. We will remove your Chain and Cassette, we then use an Ultrasonic Bath to fully degrease your drive train. While the Ultrasonic bath works its magic, we will fully clean your frame and wheels, using MUC-OFF NANO wash and finishing of with MUC OFF bike protection, to extend the life of your frames paintwork. 

This clean ideally is to get your bike back to its best, ideally we would do this maybe once or twice per year, this process involves:


Removal of the chain and cassette.

                                                                                 Degreasing the chain, 4 step Velo-clean process

Ultrasonic clean of the components, chain, cassette, chainrings. 
Removal of the wheels, with clean of the rims, brake track/rotors and Hubs, and your rotors cleaned with Much-Off Disc Brake cleaner.
In-depth frame clean, using Mud-Off Nano cleaner. 
Front and rear Derailleur degreasing, cleaning and lubrication. 
Safety control of Brake pads, Chain and serviceable parts of your bike, with this information passed onto you. 
Frame treatment with Muc-Off Bike Protect, to give you that extra shine and protection to your working parts.
Bike reassembled and security checked


Chain and working parts Lubrication, with the option of a Silca Chain Wax for 15chf extra.




                                    Velo-Clean......... 90chf 

Our Velo-clean  service offers a full frame and wheel clean, and a full drivetrain degreasing. We use MUC-OFF Nano clean for your frame and wheels, and MUC-OFF Drivetran degreaser and chain wash to remove all the unwanted grime from your drivetrain. We finish your was with MUC-OFF Bike Protection, to extend the life of your Frames paintwork. This service is identical to the above, minus the Ultrasonic cleaning

Basic Clean......... 60chf

Our Basic clean is recommended when your drivetrain is still relatively clean from stubborn grime and oil, Ideally this would be your followup cleans after an Ultrasonic clean as our basic clean involves a full bike wash, and a basic drivetrain wipe over but we will need to determine the clean needed. This price also includes pick up, return off your bike, or travel to your property for cleaning. 

All of our cleans include transportation, of us and your bike,  if you would like to bring your bike to us in Nyon then please message us directly to discuss a price.

Yearly Velo-clean Membership........... 650chf

We offer a Velo-clean membership service, to keep your bike clean year round. For 650chf you will receive a monthly clean of your pride and joy. The membership consists of a 4 month rotation, with a full Ultrasonic clean followed by 3 regular cleans, following this rotation throughout the year. This service includes the transport to your property or collection and drop off of your bike. 

If you require special arrangements for a membership we are flexible and open to discussion, Maybe you require more specific program, or a support program. We are open and flexible to your needs, and are happy to provide a VIP service, for any of your cycling needs, all you need to do is ask.  

Service and Maintenance,

If your bike needs a service, urgent repairs or even a change of bar tape and your chain changing, we can accommodate this. We can arrange collection of your Bicycle, transportation to and from and it returned to you once the work has been completed. Each bike when cleaned with Velo-clean will have a standard check of the brake pads, and the condition of your chain and drivetrain, and we can make suggestions to you if we think parts might need changing or your bike could be due a service. 


We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to accommodate your needs, as we understand your time is precious, Collection and cleaning is included in the price for the Geneve and Vaud areas, up to Lausanne, but if you require our services further afield there may be a small fee added for fuel and travel time.

We are proud to be partnered with and would love to share there products and expertise with you, if when we have an appointment there are items from the shop that interest you, but you don't have time to get to Nyon, speak with us and we can provide a tailored service to bring apparel and components to you, if required.