Why you need a Velo-clean!

We started Velo-clean, as we know first hand from experience how difficult it is to clean and maintain a bicycle properly, here are a few points of guidance why a proper Velo-clean will not just keep your bike looking like new, but will extend the life and efficiency of the moving parts on your bike.



Unlike a car or motorbike, the gears and drivetrain on a bicycle are open to the elements, and it is through the nature of cycling on different surfaces and through town centres and countrysides alike, drivetrains collect small particles of dust and sand, even on the cleanest of rides. These particles, over time, while mixing with the lubricants we put on our chains, build up to form the well known black sludge, that we find on our jockey wheels, chain and chainrings. This sludge, is a build up of lubricant from our chain and the sand and dust particles that we pick up on our rides. These particles and the build up, if not cleaned, work almost like a sandpaper on the working parts of the bike, wearing away the chainrings, cassette and chain. A chain should be checked and changed at regular intervals, but with regular cleaning and maintenance, we can drastically reduce the need to change expensive cassettes and chainrings, with frequent appointments. It is also well documented that a clean drivetrain is a more efficient drivetrain and a dirty drivetrain can cost your 12watts, at 250w FTP....... Thats 5%, I have spent many many months on Zwift for 5%.

Wheels and Brake pads.......

Not only do a clean pair of wheels look the bees knees, keeping them clean and maintained also prolongs the life of the wheels and the hubs. We don't want to take sides in the disc brake versus rim brake debate, we will wash either wheel to the same standard and without prejudice. With a rim brake wheel, we will always  check the rim for any defections or pieces of grit or dirt that could be causing damage to your rim, we will also always do the same for your brake pads, checking no foreign objects have become embedded in the pad, and could be about to seriously damage your precious wheels. This is also true for disc brakes, we will check the state of your brake pads and the rotors, making sure they are straight and true, and  when cleaning disc brakes we use MUC-OFF disc brake protectors to make sure there is no contamination of your brake rotors while we concentrate on the oily parts of your bike.

Bicycle Frame.........

The frame may appear to be one of the easier areas of the bike to clean, but to ensure the longevity of your paintwork and to help with the lifetime of your headsets, keeping your frame clean and free from dust and aggressive particles will increase the life of your frame. We also treat every frame with MUC-OFF bike protection when we have finished cleaning. This creates a PTFE seal on the frame, producing a barrier between your frame and the nasty bits of the road that want to damage your frame, reducing dirt adhesion to your frame, and produces a barrier between parts at risk of corrosion, reducing the risk of rust on small moving parts or bolts, making the following cleans much easier.